Posted by: lessalibrarian | February 18, 2009

E Komo Mai


This page was created as a resource guide for those wishing to learn Hawaiian.  Hopefully this page will be updated periodically to reflect new resources and media dedicated to the art of ‘olelo Hawai’i.  To the side of the page are general resource topics which then have sub-headings corresponding to specific resources and explanations, reviews, and recommendations of those resources which have been used.  If you can contribute any reviews or resources that you feel will benefit the page, please leave a comment.  This site is by no means an exhaustive overview of how to learn the Hawaiian Language or where to go to learn it, as much of it is still taught orally from generation to generation and there is a still growing movement in Hawai’i to revitalize the language.

This site is geared mostly towards mainlanders and those outside of Hawai’i trying to learn Hawaiian, as the resources for people in the islands are vastly greater than those out.

If vocabulary is used that you might not understand, make sure to take a look at the vocabulary tab for a definition, taken, of course, out of Pukui and Elbert’s Hawaiian Dictionary.